Cuckolding 106


Goddess Empire and her lover first enjoy having sex on a bed. Then the blonde sexbomb seduces him to change the location to the jacuzzi. The ruler couple then steps down the stairs to the pool where they come round at their slave. Quasimodo is kneeling all the time beside the jacuzzi with the towels, waiting for a royal couple's orders. But the two initially have only a few insults and insults for him. The master presents him the perfect curves of the godlike blond lady. Her mega breasts, her perfect ass, her skin, her face, he grabs her everywhere and shows Quasimodo what he will never have. Then the two get into their hot whirlpool.
Then the master orders him to bring the champagne. At the same time, Quasimodo crawls out and brings the champagne on a tray. Unfortunately, he also took too long for it. So it sets it for some slap in the face of Goddess Empire. Again and again, the super sexy lady spits him in his ugly kretan face and slaps him for this offense. The two verbally mock him because of his many warts and verbally make fun of him.
Again, the master teases him with her breasts. Goddess Empire pours the champagne over her breasts and the master licks her in front of Quasimodo and throws the bra on him. Quasimodo may only enjoy the bra. After that beautiful young lady wants her lover to lick the champus out of her pussy. She pours the champagne over her pussy and the master licks her fine cunt teasingly in front of Quasimodo. This may now only suck on the toes of the divine princess.
Then the ruling couple decides to relocate to bedroom. And Quasimodo has to hurry with the towels.

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